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s●luggish rural co■nsumption," sai●d Zeng. The gove●rnment expan■ded the scheme to ■14 provinc〓es, autonomous○ regions and mu◆nicipalities and i●ncluded washing○ machines cap◆ped at 2,0■00 yuan in Decemb●er 2008. Cov○ering 53 percent◆ of the rural popu◆lation, the sch●eme will run○ till 2012. "Th●e rebate made me 〓resolve to s○pend 1,950 ●yuan on a new TV,◆" said Chaolu. On ○February 1,■ China fur■thered the sch●eme throughout■ the country ●to benefit all rur●al people an◆d added four〓 more products: m〓otorcycles,■ personal computers,● water heaters◆ and air conditio◆ners. Local ●governments 〓could choose two o●f them according t■o demand. R●elated stor◆ies:The sub〓sidized household a〓ppliance pro◆gram which aims to〓 boost rur◆al consumption● and improve ◆farmers' liv■ing standards● will expand to 1〓4 provinces●, autonomous ○regions and m■unicipaliti●es for the next fou●r years. The progra〓m was one of th○e major efforts laun●ched by th◆e Ministry of ■Commerce and the Min◆istry of Finance● to focus on C●hina's ru

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ral ■development. The○ program cove■rs 4 categories o◆f household ○appliances: T●V sets, refrigerat■ors, cell phon■es and washing mac◆hines. Ever◆y rural house hold c●an buy no mor●e than one of each〓 kind, at 87 perce〓nt of the fu〓ll price. The 13% ●subsidy is■ funded by● the centra〓l and local ●governments, 80 perc〓ent and 20 percen●t respectively. Luo ◆Zhenming is ●one local resident ○who came early t◆o buy a refrigerat〓or.Luo Zhenming●, one villager said● "The program is ◆very good. 〓The policy 〓brings us ◆benefits. 〓The refrigerator co〓sts 15-hundred yu■an.


Now I on■ly need to pay ●13-hundred."To safe◆guard farmers' in〓terests, authoritie○s made product q●uality a high p●riority. All produc○ts taking part in th○e program are subje○ct to strict qua●lity contro○l. All the products◆ sold will enjoy 〓an post-sale ser〓vices.Wan Sheng〓, one vill〓ager sai

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